December 2021 Roshan Water™ Newsletter

First Commercial Space

We’re happy to announce that on October 1st, we moved operations to a 1,500 sq ft commercial space in Nisku, Alberta. Our product assembly, manufacturing and inventory storage will no longer be in Amir & Parmiss’ garage and basement! In Amir’s words “having space to spread out is great and I only have to drive 10 minutes door-to-door to get here”.

Water Guardians

We will be formally recognizing the first 50 innovators who use our VeloCens™ system to monitor water quality in their jurisdictions. Water utility operators and managers around the world can quickly respond to signs of contamination and protect their communities and the environment.

We will also highlight the people who work hard to ensure water is safe for citizens and the environment so we can live happy and healthy lives. They are protectors of water. They are the reliable people behind the scenes who manage the flow, treatment, testing, distribution and discharge of water. They are WATER GUARDIANS who deserve recognition and reward for all of their hard work.

More to come in 2022 newsletters and social media.

Gearing Up To Meet Customer Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant vulnerabilities in supply chains globally and we were no exception. Like other companies, we experienced delays in securing electronics components and had to navigate through other disruptions. Our goal is to assure delivery of our products to our customers. We made several changes to move manufacturing and assembly to Canada and we would like to acknowledge the companies helping us to do this.

  • The VeloCens™ unit’s aluminum housing is extruded at Metra Aluminum Inc. in Laval, Quebec and Karma Manufacturing in Edmonton is contracted to do the machining.
  • Our device circuit boards are assembled by an experienced electronics manufacturer Commutron Industries based in Elbow, Saskatchewan.
  • Small volume manufacturing of E.coli and Total Coliform test cartridges will be done by Flexim Manufacturing Services in Edmonton.
  • Our electronic components are purchased from Digi-key Electronics headquartered in Minnesota and screen printed electrodes are purchased from Metrohm.

Recycle/Reuse Program

Roshan Water™️ is committed to protecting the environment through introducing sustainability initiatives and implementing circular economy concepts. That is why we offer to take back our test supply kits in their entirety and reuse or recycle the supplies safely to reduce waste.

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