Shabnam Shirzadegan

MS in Artificial intelligence (AI)
Lead, Artificial Intelligence and User Interface

Shabnam received an MS in Artificial intelligence (AI) from Islamic Azad University, Iran. During her master’s program, she worked on models of the mind to simulate decision-making based on human cognition. Focusing on how people think, designing an interface to communicate with users has always been part of her work. In addition to AI algorithms, she has experience as a front-end developer and has worked in Javascript, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap5 platforms. Recently, she has done programming in React to handle dependencies and create more efficient code files.

At Roshan Water, Shabnam is responsible for designing, building, implementing and managing the customer-facing components (UI/ UX) of the VeloCens™ product. She also leads the work related to the development of AI models for decision making processes of VeloCens™.

Shabnam is drawn towards Roshan Water’s approach to enable accessible water testing for E.coli and Total Coliforms for everyone and their commitment to finding solutions for a significant global problem. She is enthusiastic about contributing to Roshan Water’s efforts to develop user-friendly tools for water monitoring and testing and also very excited to apply her AI background to solve a real-world problem.