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Roshan Water™ Solutions helps organizations of all sizes involved in water and wastewater treatment, testing, and management to improve both water quality and human health.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to solving an existing water quality monitoring problem, and putting the solution into the hands of groups who are responsible for water safety to use when and where it is needed.

With our VeloCens™ system, microbiological testing of water samples can be done in real time “anywhere by anyone”.

Water Testing with Roshan Water™

How we can help you do on-demand and on-site microbiological testing of water samples.

About Roshan Water™ Solutions

We are devoted to providing accessible and rapid microbiological monitoring of water
all around the world

Roshan Water™ was formed to address a current gap in the microbiological testing industry, in particular the rapid testing of E.coli and Total Coliforms, to determine very quickly if water is SAFE.

Incorporated in 2017, we are a proud startup company and spin-out from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Water Testing for Harmful Bacteria

Find out more about the consequences of water pollution & how Roshan Water™ Solutions can help

The global water industry is experiencing many challenges regarding providing safe, clean water, managing water use and protecting the environment.

Water pollution is the leading worldwide cause of death and disease due to water-borne illness.

Understanding water pollution and how to detect harmful bacteria will help to provide clean safe water around the world.

Meet our solution for clean and safe water

VeloCens™ Enables On-Demand, Portable Water Testing in Many Industries

VeloCens™ 3-T

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