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Water Testing Laboratory Evolution

Water is the essence of life, and ensuring its purity is paramount. Water testing labs have been the guardians of our water quality, diligently analyzing samples to ensure safety. However, the traditional water testing laboratory methods often lag, relying on data that’s days old. In the realm of water testing microbiology lab advancements, a revolutionary product stands out: VeloCens™ by Roshan Water™ Solutions.

Why is Modern Water Quality Lab Testing Essential?

With increasing environmental challenges, the importance of a reliable drinking water testing lab cannot be overstated. Whether it’s for public consumption, agricultural irrigation, or wastewater treatment, timely and accurate water analysis is crucial. This is where analytical labs water testing methods come into play, offering precise results that can guide crucial decisions.

The Future of Simple Lab Water Testing

VeloCens™ is not just another water quality lab tool; it’s a game-changer. Designed for on-site and on-demand testing, it provides rapid results, specifically detecting E.coli and Total Coliform in just an hour. Gone are the days of waiting and transporting samples to centralized labs. With VeloCens™, you get real-time, data-based decision-making capabilities at your fingertips.

Portable Microbiological Water Testing Lab by Roshan Water™ Solutions

Purpose: Millions of water quality tests are conducted daily to ensure citizen safety. However, traditional methods often rely on outdated data. VeloCens™ offers real-time, on-site monitoring of water quality, enabling faster decisions about water safety.

Technology: VeloCens™ uses the Light Addressable Potentiometric Sensor (LAPS) technology and nanotechnology-sensor based test cartridges. These nanostructures selectively attract target bacteria, allowing for rapid detection of E.coli and Total Coliform in just 1 hour.


  • 18X faster decision-making about water safety.
  • Rapid and accurate E.coli and Total Coliform test results in 1 hour.
  • Portable and on-site testing, eliminating the need for sample transportation.
  • Simple step-by-step procedures.
  • Automatic data logging into a Cloud Data Center.
  • Recyclable water collection and test kit supplies.

Applications: VeloCens™ is ideal for public drinking water systems, wastewater treatment systems, private on-site water and wastewater systems, and agriculture irrigation systems.

Improvements: VeloCens™ offers real-time data-based decision-making, rapid test results, portability, simple testing procedures, and automated data logging, addressing the challenges of conventional testing methods.

Environmental Commitment: The company emphasizes environmental sustainability by incorporating a reuse/recycle plan for their water sample test kits.

learn more about Velocens: Portable Microbiological Lab (Product Page)

Portable Microbiological Water testing Laboratory - Velocens - Roshan Water Solutions


In the ever-evolving world of water testing, VeloCens™ is setting new standards. As the bridge between traditional labs and the future of simple lab water testing, it promises safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Dive into the future of water testing with VeloCens™ and ensure the purity of every drop.

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