August 2020 Roshan Water™ Newsletter

GreenSTEM Program

We are delighted to announce that Roshan Water™ has been accepted in the government of Alberta’s GreenSTEM program offered by the ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism (EDTT).

GreenSTEM is described by the Alberta government as “a pan-Alberta pilot to provide funding and support for technology company creation and high-tech entrepreneurial development”.

As part of the program, Roshan Water™ will have the opportunity to contribute to Alberta’s green economy while working closely with the University of Alberta (U of A). Thank you to Dr. Mohtada Sadrzadeh, Assistant Professor and Director of Advanced Water Research Lab at the U of A and James Keirstead, President of Levven Electronics, who will mentor us as we benefit from this program.

VMS Program

It is our pleasure to share with you that we have been accepted into the Threshold Impact University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) program for start-ups that are originally spin-off companies from the U of A.
VMS has been operating on the vision “To Develop, Inspire, and Empower University of Alberta Entrepreneurs” since 2013 and offers free mentorship services and information sessions for alumni who are accepted into the program.

We have the privilege to work with the following outstanding mentors:

  • Bakhtawar Pastakia
    Strategic Projects Champion and Founder of PM Integrated
  • Kashmir Gill
    President of NuTec Advisors Corp.
  • Taizeel Adatia
    Executive Finance Consultant at Taizeel Adatia CA
  • Tony Melnychuk
    Human Resources Executive
  • Vince Waldon
    Principal of Waldon and Associates Ltd.

An update on VeloCens™

VeloCens™ v3.0 integration model is operational and ready to be used in field tests.

We proudly present the VeloCens™ v3.0 integration model pictured below. This version of the technology has a metallic housing similar to our planned commercial product and is capable of testing 1 water sample for E.coli and Total Coliform. Step-by-step sample preparation instructions for the operator and water sample test results are shown on the 7-inch touch screen. The device is connected to our Cloud-based data center for automatic logging of sample locations and test results.

The integration model will be used to conduct Phase 1 field tests in early fall 2020 with the goal to obtain end user experience feedback. Results from Phase 1 will provide critical input for our commercial product which will be capable of testing five water samples for E. coli and Total Coliform simultaneously.

Actual image of VeloCens™ v3.0 integration model

Out and about

We represented Roshan WaterTM at the Great Alberta Pitch Marathon on July 30th, where 108 chosen companies in Alberta showcased their work with three-minute live pitches virtually. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend and showed their support and interest in our product. Special thanks to the STARTUP TNT for organizing the event.

We also enjoyed our time pitching at the DiscoveryLab meeting on June 10th. DiscoveryLab is an amazing platform that offers “an open forum for academics, start-ups and SMEs to explore opportunities to commercialize new technologies and develop their plans to launch new products and services”.

The Great Alberta Pitch Marathon took place virtually with 108 Alberta companies showcasing their work.
Discovery lab was virtually held on June 10th with a variety of new technologies.

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