October 2020 Roshan Water™ Newsletter

VeloCens™ field tests: Phase 1

If you know any individuals or organizations who are interested in learning more about VeloCens™, please let us know!

Map of Roshan Water™ field test partner locations.

We have been taking VeloCens™ on the road to carry out Phase 1 of our field tests program, demonstrating the capabilities of v3.0 with our partners across Alberta. In Phase 1 we tested the usability of VeloCens™ with our partners where together we went through all the steps required for sampling and testing water samples for E.coli and Total Coliform. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Yellowhead County Water Services, Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission, St. Mary River Irrigation District and JA Building Services for hosting us during this phase of field tests and providing us with invaluable feedback.

VeloCens™ v3.0 Phase 1 field tests carried out across Alberta



Foresight Cleantech Accelerator

We are thrilled to be accepted into the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Center Fall 2020 Watertech cohort. Through mentorship and training ,this program allows us to evaluate and adjust the core principles of our business. According to the Foresight website “Foresight’s flagship accelerator programs have provided entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility to launch and scale their cleantech solutions. Participants benefit from mentorship, educational programs, investor introduction opportunities, and networking events.”


Celebrating women in cleantech

Following the Foresight initiative to celebrate women in cleantech, we at Roshan Water™ proudly recognize and appreciate the amazing women leading cleantech and applaud all their achievements. Women (& anyone identifying as woman) like Mina Zarabian, Beatriz Molero Sanchez, Gem Shoute, Hillary Sweet, Melanie McClare, Bing Cao, Amanda Hall, our own Parmiss Mojir Shaibani & many more are helping Canada’s green economy & shaping a better future.

Out and about

While on the road, we visited the beautiful and scenic Waterton national park and enjoyed its natural sites where the majestic mountains meet the crystal water lakes.

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