March 2021 Roshan Water™ Newsletter

New and Improved Website

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We are proud to present our new website redesigned with the help of Nyche Marketing ( Our new and improved website is aimed at providing a direct and user-friendly portal to Roshan Water™️ for anyone who is interested in our team and VeloCens™️ Portable Microbiological Water Testing Lab. It is also designed to provide educational materials on the importance of water quality monitoring.

An Update on VeloCens™

VeloCens™️ adheres to standards of microbiological testing described by ISO 13843:2017: Water Quality Requirements for Establishing Performance Characteristics of Quantitative Microbiological Methods. Our device has been calibrated for quantification of E.coli and Total Coliform using field samples according to this standard. We have been making improvements to our testing method to improve the false positive rate of tests. We are happy to report that we have successfully lowered the rate of our false positive results from 35% to only 7%. This is comparable to the 5% false positive rate in standard laboratory methods.This puts us on track for our US EPA-Alternate Test Procedures Study and subsequent submission.
VeloCens™ 3T and 5T versions (3 sample and 5 sample testing capability, respectively) are planned to be delivered in a few weeks for the start of our Phase 2 Field Test Program. With 10 participants on board, more than 200 E.coli and Total Coliform tests will be performed. Comparison of VeloCens™ results against standard laboratory methods will be an important outcome.

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Media Coverage

Roshan Water™️ was featured in the February 12 issue of the St. Albert Gazette as the Sturgeon county council voted to approve field testing with VeloCens™️ and they are eager to have the chance to have their water tested more quickly using our technology.

Out (virtually) and About

Roshan Water™️ participated in Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association (AWWOA) 46th Annual Virtual Seminar and Trade Show. CEO and co-founder Amir presented our work along with two field test participants Jennifer Lypkie, Utilities Supervisor at Yellowhead County and Corry Pepper, Operations Supervisor at the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission in a well attended technical session, and we showcased VeloCens™️ in the virtual trade show.


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